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Clint Knecht

Clint is now down 20lbs but has lost more like 30lbs of fat while building lots of muscle. 🔥

Arturo Silva

Lost 31lbs. 🔥

Brock Richardson

Brock lost 40lbs. 🔥

Bryan Picon

No change in weight! Lost fat while building muscle. 🔥

Charlie Torres

Same weight, lost fat and built muscle. 🔥

Christian Marin

Lost 25lbs while building muscle & strength. 🔥

Chuck Sallee

Lost 50lbs of body fat. 🔥

Derek Adkins

Lost 50lbs 🔥

Jeff Eades

Complete 360 on his health and fitness. 🔥

Jeff Ortega

Lost 50lbs 🔥

Khyren Michael

Lost 75 lbs. 🔥

Nick VanOsdal

No change in weight, lost fat and built muscle 🔥

Sergio Guajardo

40lbs down. 🔥

Tim Vanmeter

Lost 20lbs of fat while gaining muscle. 🔥

Travis McConnell

Lost 80 lbs. 🔥

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